Asset Condition Assessments, Correlation & Surveys

As part of the design process we are able to perform correlation activities of both new and existing installations including correlation of bonding arrangements, signal box panels and block shelves.

All correlation activities are carried out to the current Network Rail standard NR/L2/SIG/11201 – Module A7 – Correlation of Signalling Records and all the required documentation including Correlation Log Sheets and Correlation Reports are produced accordingly.

As part of Correlation services, we apply the full ‘test before touch’ process and have a fully competent SMTH resource available to ensure full compliance with standards and process.

Consideration is always given to the condition of an installation both prior, and during, the correlation activities to assess if it safe to perform the correlation activities as outlined in NR/L2/SIG/11201 – Module A3 Assessment of Signalling Systems before Design Alterations.