Bangor to Colwyn Bay FSP Installation

  • Year:

    Commencement: July 2022

  • Client:

    Morgan Sindall

  • Project Title:

    Bangor to Colwyn Bay FSP Installation

  • Scheme Sponsor:

    Network Rail

  • Duration: Ongoing


  • PACE Stage 5

    PACE Stage 5 – 7

Background and Scope

Following an incident in March 2012, the Office of Rail and Road issued Improvement Notice I/20121220/JSM. It required Network Rail to undertake a review of all 650V signalling equipment, to identify any installation without appropriate earthing or bonding, and develop an action plan to remedying any deficiencies found.

As a result of this review, it has been determined that the renewal of signal power distribution systems between Bangor and Colwyn Bay (Abergele) is required. These works are to be undertaken from 215M 022yds to 245M 66yds on the Chester South Junction to Holyhead line (ELR CNH3) and from 1yd to 1M 1044yds on the Llandudno to Llandudno Junction branch (ELR LLJ).

To improve safety, as required by I/20121220/JSM, the following improvements have been proposed:

  • The renewal of the existing 650V feeders emanating from Bangor PSP and Llandudno Junction SSP including power supply cabling and associated protective devices;
  • The provision / installation of 50 No. 650V FSP Enclosures to enable the provision of a 110V AC Signalling Power Supply to the affected Signalling Location Cases on each feeder;
  • The modification of FSP 238M172 on the Llanfair Feeder to facilitate the provision of a 110V AC Signalling Power Supply to Bangor Signal Box Relay Room; and
  • The removal of decommissioned 650V power supply equipment in the affected Signalling Location Cases on each feeder.

Kilborn Consulting Limited have been employed by Morgan Sindall to provide signalling specific design and technical support in respect of these works.

In addition, Kilborn Consulting Limited have also been appointed to conduct signal sighting assessments where signal may ne affected by the installation of new FSP enclosures and the supporting enclosure platforms.

Kilborn Work & Outputs

  • Conduct a Signalling Correlation Survey and produce associated Correlation Report.
  • Update to correlation findings.
  • Production of affected Location Case Power Supply design.
  • Production of Signalling Design Specification.
  • Production if AIR Sheets.
  • Conduct Signal Sighting Assessments.
  • Production of a Signal Sighting Assessment Report.

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