Cambridge Depot

  • Year:

    Commencement: February 2019

  • Client:

    The Spencer Group

  • Project Title:

    Cambridge Depot

  • Scheme Sponsor:

    Govia Thameslink Railway Ltd.

  • Duration:


  • General Over View

    GRIP Stage 4-5

Background & Scope

There is a requirement to engineer, supply and install a Depot Points Control system at Cambridge Sidings. The Depot Points Control System (DPCS) will be based on a total of 25 set of points which will be remotely controlled from the CCC/SCADA (Control Centre Console). The depot control system will be responsible for setting routes in and out of the sidings. The control system will consist of points machines, points machine detection, DC track circuits, shunting signals, and route indicators.

Kilborn Work & Outputs

Design investigations; Project Specification; Signalling Layout Plan; Signal Sighting; Risk Assessments

Control Tables; Track Circuit design; Wiring design for Points Machines and Signals; Trackside Systems Interface; Test Plan; Signal Sighting

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