Competency Management & Assessments

Competence Management – We can help with establishing, implementing and maintaining a robust competence management system for your signalling staff especially in the signalling maintenance, installation and testing disciplines. Equipment specific assessments are conducted to the current Network Rail competence standards to ensure that staff’s Authority to Work are compliant and robust.

To bolster your signalling competency management system we can offer IRSE Workplace and Competence Assessments in a range of categories.  We would manage the full process from first assessment through to successful issuing of the IRSE Licence.

Covering a wide range of IRSE Licence categories, we can assist and manage the complete IRSE licensing process from your initial licence application through to the issue of your IRSE Licence by using our own experience and expertise and by using the services of an approved IRSE Assessing Agency.

We are able to:

  • Conduct an initial review of your IRSE log book to ensure that the relevant sections are up to date and that the current IRSE forms are being used correctly and advise you of any actions required to bring your log book up to date.
  • Provide advice and guidance on how to present your supporting documentary evidence portfolio.
  • Provide advice and guidance on how to complete the appropriate sections of the Competence Assessment Checklist (CAC) for your licence category, including Personal Statements and evidence referencing.
  • Conduct IRSE Workplace and Competence Assessments for a wide range of IRSE Licence categories.
  • Complete and prepare the required IRSE paperwork and supporting forms ready for submission to an approved IRSE Assessing Agency.
  • Liaise with the IRSE Assessing Agency regarding the progress of your IRSE Licence application.
  • Hand over your IRSE Licence to you once it has been issued by the IRSE via the approved IRSE Assessing Agency.