Concept & Outline Signalling Design

Kilborn Consulting’s staff have in-depth experience of undertaking concept and outline signalling design work covering the following:

  • GRIP Stage 3 – assessing and selecting the most appropriate option that delivers the stakeholders’ requirements, together with confirmation that the outputs can be economically delivered (through to Approval In Principle);
  • GRIP Stage 4 – initiating the development of the chosen single option (Outline Design) .

By taking a true problem solving approach that enables us to identify and analyse options supported by having a wide practical understanding of how the railway operates as a whole entity, something often lacking today, we are able to maximise potential gains and minimise overall project cost.

We strongly believe in taking a collaborative cross-discipline approach to our work, based upon effective communication with other parties and strive to eliminate last minute issues. So be it a simple platform extension or line speed enhancement or a major junction re-modelling rest assured that we are able to contribute the best overall solution.