Ardwick Depot

  • Year:

    Commencement: November 2018

  • Client:

    The Spencer Group

  • Project Title:

    Ardwick Depot

  • Scheme Sponsor:

    Siemens/Northern Rail

  • Duration:

    On Going

  • General Over View

    GRIP Stage 3-5

Background & Scope

To increase the capacity and enhance the operability of the Siemens/Northern Rail operated Ardwick Depot through the provision of an additional four electrified sidings. Each siding is to have a Depot Protection System, which will enable staff to work on stabled trains in safety.

The works will also involve amending the existing Depot Locally Operated Points system (LOPs) that is used by the Depot Operations Controller to facilitate train movements around the depot.

Kilborn Work & Outputs

Signalling Design work, to include: Development of a ‘Principles of Operations’ document for the new and altered Depot layout, to include train control arrangements; Identification of signalling related risks and mitigations, both existing and proposed; Validation of proposed arrangements for the operation of trains to/from Network Rail infrastructure; Production of an overarching Depot Signalling Project Specification to describe the current arrangements, the new works and the signalling (and signalling related) works required.
Signal Sighting.
The production of an Electro-Magnetic Compatibility Strategy and Control Plan.

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