Northumberland Line

  • Year: March 2020 Completed September 2022
  • Client: AECOM


  • Project Title: Northumberland Line

    Northumberland Line

  • Scheme Sponsor: Northumberland County Council

    Northumberland County Council

  • Duration: 2 years 6 months


  • PACE Stage 4

    PACE Stage 5 – 7

Background and Scope

As part of Northumberland County Council’s plans to stimulate economic regeneration and community engagement in the surrounding area, the Ashington, Blyth and Tyne route is to be converted from its current use as a freight only line to a passenger and freight line. It is to be referred to as the ‘Northumberland Line’.

The project proposes the following new / reinstated stations:

  • Northumberland Park;
  • Seaton Delaval;
  • Newsham;
  • Blyth Bebside;
  • Bedlington; and

In addition to the new / reinstated stations, the project will also introduce:

  • A half-hourly peak passenger service leading to a substantial increase in train numbers on the line of route;
  • Removal of line speed constraints resulting in linespeed improvements;
  • Introduction of double tracking between Holywell and Seghill;
  • Extension of the existing double tracking to the south of Newsham;
  • Re-instatement and re-modelling of Bedlington Sidings (formerly Furnace Way Sidings);
  • Closure of a number of Signal Boxes resulting in a single re-control point on the line at Bedlington South;
  • Appropriate upgrading, or closure, of level crossings throughout the route; and
  • Re-signalling of the route with a Computer Based Interlocking and associated control systems.

Kilborn Work & Outputs

  • Asset Condition Survey and associated report.
  • Scheme Plan Production.
  • Driveability Assessment.
  • E810 Assessment.
  • Reduced Overlap and Trap Point Risk Assessments.
  • Production of Signalling Design Specification.
  • Production of Operational Requirements Specification.
  • Production of a Testing Strategy.
  • Signal Sighting.

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