Signalling & Telecoms Consultancy

Signal Sighting Services

We have the necessary skills and competence to undertake all works associated with signal and signage sighting.  We have extensive experience of sighting activities covering initial desktop sighting assessments through to the production of draft and final Sighting Forms (SSFs) associated with the provision of new or altered signals or lineside and platform signage.  This has included convening and managing the signal sighting committee process and the final sign off of the SSFs by the participating stakeholders, including Network Rail, TOCs, FOCs, etc.  We carry out signal sighting activities for specific civil engineering related schemes, such as bridge renewal and construction projects, as well as for multi-discipline railway resignalling, renewal and enhancement projects.  We make good use of our licenced access to OMINCOM when carrying out desktop assessments.

EMC Assessments

We have participated in a number of electro-magnetic compatibility assessments for large infrastructure projects, including the Jubilee Line Extension Project, East London Railway, Trans-Pennine Electrification GRIP Stage 3 and the electrification of Allerton Depot as part of the Northern Hub Project.  Our knowledge and understanding of the signalling infrastructure was key in each case to the identification of the signalling equipment and systems and the potential for these to be affected by EMI or, conversely, to cause an EMC threat to other systems.  We caried out systematic analysis of the signalling equipment and systems and have assisted in the development of ENC Strategy and EMC Control Plan documentation as part of the overall demonstration of EMC.


We have carried out an extensive range of signalling related auditing and several of our team are qualified, trained and/or approved auditors.  Our experience has included specific audits of corporate management systems, infrastructure maintenance management systems as well as ‘vertical slice’ audits of management systems, using a top-down approach, to establish the validity of processes and procedures, through to validation of the application of the processes and procedures as part of first line maintenance and fault findings.  Examples of the latter scenarios have included participation in whole team multi-discipline audits of Iarnrod Eireann and Docklands Light Railway.


As well as providing traditional signalling consultancy and design services, the company already has considerable experience of providing company management system development and associated auditing services.  We have developed and documented company management systems for railway engineering suppliers to enable them to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of the RISQS regime.  In all cases the developed systems have been tailored to reflect the scope of supply of the client and their relative position in the supply chain.  As part of this we have developed signalling specific design procedures and we have also provided advisory services in this area, including pre-auditing and professional support to the RISQS audit process.