Telecoms Option Selection Reports (including AiP), Reference System Design & Detailed Design

As a Telecoms Design organisation, we provide a comprehensive range of technical and management professional services, which cover the full spectrum of infrastructure requirements from project development preliminary appraisal and feasibility studies through to detailed design, implementation and management advice.
We have the expertise and capability to undertake a range of telecom design services including:
•   Fixed backhaul infrastructure, including fibre and copper based networks
•   Interfacing into FTN / FTNx networks;
•   Network planning and design;
•   Points of presence;
•   Modern telephony exchanges and associated services;
•   Driver Only Operated (P) Systems;
•   Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) networks;
•   VOIP / Analogue telephony;
•   Cable route design;
•   CCTV systems for operational and security purposes;
•   Passenger Information Display / Customer Information Screens;
•   Wifi;
•   Help Points;
•   Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems (AFIL); and
•   Ticket Vending Machines.