Signalling & Level Crossing Risk Assessments

Kilborn Consulting has a wide experience in undertaking various forms of railway risk assessment, which is assisted by their broad understanding of the operational railway, and not just seeing it purely from the signalling perspective.

Amongst the range of risk assessments we undertake are those mandated under Railway Industry Standard RIS-0737-CCS for a risk assessment to be carried out for changes to the design and operational use of new or modified track and signalling, which includes simple line speed changes, so as to control the risks associated with trains exceeding the end of their movement authority.

With suitably trained and competent staff, we now use the Signal Overrun and Risk Assessment Tool, SORAT, (successor to the earlier Signal Assessment Tool) leading to a varispad workshop session.

We also undertake Reduced Overlap risk assessments for situations where a full signal overlap cannot be provided and have experience of dealing with buffer stop risk assessments and trap point risk assessments.