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Coming from a railway family, Ian started his railway career nearly 40 years ago as a braking systems development engineer then, after a period away from the mainstream railway industry, when he was involved in both the operations management and engineering aspects of the heritage sector, he subsequently became involved in rail terminal operations management and motive power provision, maintenance and overhaul. In addition, he was responsible for the training and assessment of shunting locomotive drivers and ground staff. Ian has a breadth of cross-discipline knowledge and understanding that is often lacking today and permits him to look cross funtionally.

His signalling experience, primarily up to and including GRIP Stage 4, covers from survey and correlation work, signalling equipment compatibility assessments and EMC studies, through to the production of client focussed reports (OPS, FPS, TODFA, SORA, cable route reports, etc) and the generation of Signalling Scheme Plans. He has worked both as a member of a team or has undertaken all aspects of projects himself. His willingness and ability to look in depth and determine underlying issues, coupled with a genuine client focused approach, is an asset in such cases. He has acted in a client facing role in numerous meetings and workshops and has the ability to interact with people at differing levels of an orgnisation.

Ian holds an IRSE Licence in the Signalling Principles Designer Category (1.1.550).

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