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A professional railway signalling engineer and systems engineer with 36 years experience (17 years at Senior Level), having effective project management, project engineering and communcation skills. He is experienced in system specification, design and application of both modern and traditional signalling systems as part of both renewal and enhancement projects.  He has extensive experience of undertaking Design Manager, CRE and RDE roles on signalling infrastructure projects.

Paul has experience of electromagnetic capability and systems campatability issues, implementation of safety critical processor based systems, safety assessment as well as safety and product approval processes. He also has experience of track renewal and track replacement projects and has developed key skills in the area of multi disciplinary co-ordination and co-operation.

Paul holds an IRSE Licence in the Senior Engineering Manager (Design) Category (7.8.230Ev2).

Paul is a Member of the Railway Supply Group (RSG) SME Council; a Member of the Rail Industry Association (RIA) SME Group; and an IRSE Mentor under the IRSE Mentoring Scheme.

Paul McSharry CV Sept 2017

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